Nieuwjaars groet aan de lezer
December 27th,2011

Waarde lezer Op zo kort mogelijke termijn zal ik - afhankelijk van de respons- werken aan het op de markt brengen van een eerste druk van ...

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A. Published ( see also books at bottom of Two letters to a Secret Agent)

1. Voor de helft een schedel, Pseudonym Julien Piraña (Half of It a Skull) Arbeiders
Pers, Amsterdam, 1978.

Novel/journal set in Holland and 12 east- and west-African countries.

2. The Left Hand Path of the Buddha (Het linker pad van de Boeddha), Novelette,
translated by author into Dutch,1979

- First published in literary magazine Nieuw Vlaams Tijdschrift, Antwerp, Belgium 1981
- and in Zeeuws Kunstenaars Centrum, Middelburg, the Netherlands, 1982
- Also part of nr 3.,1984

Letters written by Jacquolo Casavelli to his uncle in Italy, in 1921, satirical approach to
love and sexuality.

3. Winter in Foudgum, Veen Publishers , Amsterdam,1984
Translated into Dutch by the author.

Three novelettes and five short stories, set in Holland, Africa, United States, Spain,
France and on the Atlantic Ocean.

4. African Journal (Afrika Dagboek), 1987, Veen Publishers.

Same as nr 1, restructured as part of a series of travel writing by 25 foreign authors such
as Paul Bowels,Gustave Flaubert,Jan Morris,Shiva Naipaul and Evelyn Waugh

5. Journal of a Nomad (Dagboek van een Nomade), novelette, Maatstaf Literary
magazine of Arbeiders Pers, Amsterdam, 1989

Beginning on an ocean liner in the southern Atlantic, crossing from Savannah, Georgia to
Casablanca in the spring, and ending late in the fall on the northwest coast of Ireland.
Translated into Dutch by author.

6. Powell Street Blues, Veen publishers, Amsterdam, 1991.

Novel set in California in the late seventies and eighties (synopsis enclosed).

B. In progress ( not exhaustive)

1. The Breathing of the Sea

Novel set in Holland, Spain, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, New York, California, France and
Ireland in the seventies and eighties.
All chapters have been published in literary magazines in Holland, Belgium or in Winter
in Foudgum.

Ch 1:  The long journey of Camiel Planckaert, set in Holland
Ch 2:  Train to Madrid, set in Spain
Ch 3:  African Girl, set in Kenya
Ch 4: The Breathing of the Sea, set in Holland
Ch 5: Letters from Puritania, set on northern Atlantic Ocean, Canada, New York and
Ch 6: Journal of a Nomad, set on the southern Atlantic, France and Ireland.

2. Keeping Ivan Out

Novel about Aker’s years at Royal Military Academy and in the Dutch army, starting in
1956, the year the Soviets put down the Hungarian uprising (2000).

3. The dog Tax of Forty-seven

Novel about Aker’s early youth on the heavily fortified island Walcheren, in the Schelde
Estuary in the southwest of the Netherlands during and shortly after World War II (2000).

4. Tory Island

Novel, set in Ireland. Sequel to Journal of a Nomad.( 2001-2003)

5. Looking for Basho

Journal Japan (1996)

6. Letters to Kimiko

While preparing a trip around the world ,the narrator falls in love with Kimiko, follows
her to Japan, and shares his life with her for seven years.